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Weight Watchers and Me: Happily Ever After?

Weight Watchers and I go back about seven years. We were first introduced when I was 21 years old and eager to please. Upon our first date, I was hooked and willing to do whatever it took to make our relationship work. I … Continue reading

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My weight loss top 20 (to my future self: read this when you are struggling)

Since I’ll be officially (re)starting Weight Watchers tomorrow, I thought it might be good to put in writing the myriad reasons I want to lose weight. Then, whenever my willpower is lagging and I’m questioning why I’m even trying when … Continue reading

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A few months ago, I really felt like I’d hit my lowest point. I was sure I’d never be able to lose weight because I just didn’t possess the strength, the motivation or the willpower to get through 100 pounds … Continue reading

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Fitting in favorites

Whenever I’d hear Weight Watchers say that you can eat whatever you want–just in moderation–I’d roll my eyes. Sure, you can eat fettucini alfredo–if you only want half a serving and to starve for the rest of the day. But … Continue reading

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Size matters

We’ve all heard the advice to eat off a salad plate instead of a dinner plate and use smaller glasses for high-calorie drinks like juice. Yesterday morning, I decided to see just what a difference size makes. I measured out one … Continue reading

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Redefining Saturdays

If I were to use one word to describe my typical Saturday morning activities, I’d say “relaxing.” In this case, it is a euphemeism for “sloth-like.” From about 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., you would typically find me reading on the couch … Continue reading

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Celebrating Banned Books Week

The American Library Association’s Banned Books Week begins tomorrow. As a former English major, this subject is near and dear to my heart. In my opinion, the banned books are usually the ones most worth reading. Consider some of the … Continue reading

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