I’m starting this minute.

Welcome to my humble blog. This little corner of the Internet is dedicated to my self-improvement journey. I’m 28 years old and I am so happy with my life. I love my husband, my dogs, my family, my job, my house and my friends. But I do not love my weight. I will post the official number when I have my first official Weight Watchers weigh-in on Wednesday. (That gives me five days to work up the courage.) But, for now, suffice it to say that I’d fit right in on the Biggest Loser.

The thing is, nearly every one of those contestants has a backstory of tragedy or trauma. And almost all weight-loss books recommend dealing with the inevitable emotional baggage first. The strange thing is I don’t have any.  The plain truth is that I love food, I’m not good at moderation and I’m not very active.  I grew up matching portion sizes with a dad and brothers who could eat until they were blue in the face and not gain weight–but I did not match their amazing activity levels. So, here I am. But, I am committed and ready to change.

 Are you on a similar journey? I’d love to be your support. They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, I need a village to help me along my journey so I can have a child. Due to my weight issues, I have relatively high blood sugar levels (91) and blood pressure (130/85 last I checked). I am noting those numbers here so I can compare them to my new levels in six months. If I can get those numbers down, we can start a family–a big dream of mine.

I hope you continue to check in as our journeys progress. I’ll share good recipes as I come across them (EASY ones–I consider it cooking if I boil water for pasta and heat up jarred sauce). I’ll recommend products that I’ve found beneficial or inspirational, and I’ll share the struggles and diseartening moments I face along the way (if you’re significantly overweight and have ever gone bridesmaid dress shopping, you know what I mean!). I’ll also share the joys and the triumphs–and I hope you will, too.

Thanks for visiting!

Quote of the day: “To get through the hardest journey, we need take only one step at a time–but we must keep stepping.” ~Chinese Proverb (Source: ThinkExist.com)


About Kristen K

My life has always been pretty darn fantastic--except for one thing: my weight. Not too long ago, I tipped the scale at 283 pounds. I'd gain some, lose some and gain some right back, and I was so frustrated. When I saw a notice for a Biggest Loser-style contest in my local paper, I applied on the spot and I felt like I won the lottery when I found out I was one of the five contestants chosen. We worked out four times a week with trainers and followed a clean eating diet, and my life completely transformed. I've lost more than 60 pounds and I'm feeling confidence for the first time in my life. I'm 29 years old with a great husband, a rewarding job, two adorable dogs and fantastic friends. Weight loss continues to be a struggle now that the contest has ended, but this time I know that I can do it and I'm fully committed. This blog has seved as an accountability tool as I journey from a happy, but fat, person to a happy and confident person. And for the first time in my life, I'm no longer putting it off until tomorrow. This time, I'm starting this minute.
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