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Fun at the fair

Yesterday, Jon and I had the opportunity to go to a health and fitness fair in Schaumburg. The fair offered a variety of free fitness classes, free assessments by chirpractors and acupuncturists, passes for free classes at various workout facilities … Continue reading

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We’ve all heard the following weight loss mantra, am I right? Nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels. If you’ve joined Weight Watchers more than seven times, as I have, you’ve heard it ad nauseam. So, I decided to … Continue reading

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“But it’s a special occasion!”

I’ve determined that my latest downfall is claiming “special occasion” as a reason for eating far too many calories. The problem is that “special occasions” occur about four times per week, making them more of a commonplace occasion. Let’s examine … Continue reading

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30 before 30

I made a 30 before 30 list on paper once about a year ago. And promptly lost it. In reading Betsie’s blog this week, I came across her list and decided to redo mine. So here goes: 1. Go to … Continue reading

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I’m baaaa-aaack!

Time certainly flies. I had a few busy weeks at work and a short vacation,¬†and my entire¬†month seemed to go off-kilter. But, here I am, back and ready to go! The good news? I am 3.8 pounds lighter than I … Continue reading

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