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4:50 a.m.

This post’s title refers to the obscenely early hour at which my alarm clock will now start blaring. Any time that begins with a four and ends with an a.m. is just not meant for humans to witness. But alas. … Continue reading

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Too many splurges

I have a problem. I am a major splurger. Worse yet, I am a major justifier and can rationalize nearly all of my impulse buys. Including my house. (Who the heck buys their house on impulse? Um, that would be me. … Continue reading

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Insanity update

I just finished day 4 of Insanity and I think I am going to need new carpet in my family room. It cannot be good to sweat that much into it. Holy moly. I had just convinced myself that I … Continue reading

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Becoming a donor for Alice

Last week I came across an article on Alice’s Bucket List. Alice is 15, and she has terminal cancer. Her number-one wish is for the whole world to sign up for the bone marrow donor registry. About four months ago, … Continue reading

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A tale of two bridesmaids

I just spent 30 minutes writing a post that disappeared into the ether. Not happy. But I am determined to post something today, so here I go again. Note to self: save as draft every three seconds. I was asked if … Continue reading

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Going insane

Holy buckets of sweat, Batman. Insanity is certainly aptly named. As you can see, I survived my first craigslist transaction–only to be beaten up by the DVD itself. Tonight was the Fit Test–not even a real workout–and I was genuinely … Continue reading

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How Kristen got her groove back

My groove has been missing since May 11th, the night of the Fittest Loser finale. I’ve searched high and low, and I keep catching glimpses of it, but it’s always just out of reach. So to get back in the weight … Continue reading

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