Eating out: bigger pants, smaller savings, bad idea

I am a restaurant ADDICT. Even during the Fittest Loser contest, I couldn’t give them up completely. (Chipotle? I love you. Can I be your Jared?)

After the contest, I unfortunately went back to my eating out ways. We’re talking multiple lunches and dinners out every single week. When I think of how much larger my savings account could be if I applied all of that money there instead, I want to cry. When I think of how large my waistline has become as a result of my eating out (last week, I could barely breathe in the smallest pants I’d been wearing), I want to weep.

I am up nine pounds from the end of the contest. I currently weigh 225 pounds.


I worked so hard. Why am I sabotaging myself?

To combat this issue, I decided that I get one lunch and one dinner out this week. Everything else MUST be eaten in. To ease into that, I am allowing myself to eat whatever I would like to eat, as long as it’s at home.

This sounds a little more indulgent than it actually is. I’m still having whole-grain English muffins or cereal for breakfast, fruit for a morning snack, and salads for lunches. It’s dinner where I’m abusing my freedom. I’ve had pizza AND macaroni and cheese this week.

But truthfully? I miss chicken and asparagus. And that’s exactly what I was hoping would happen. When I don’t resrict myself so heavily, I realize that I actually want the healthy stuff. Yay!

I am off on Friday and, for once, I haven’t scheduled a slew of appointments. I think I’ll have some fun reading recipe blogs today and tomorrow, and make an assortment of healthy, but fun, items on Friday. I recently read about crockpot enchiladas that sounded good–how weird would it be to use my crockpot on a 95-degree day in July?

If you have any suggestions for easy and tasty recipes, I’d love to hear them! I hope to report back on Monday with at least two new items I cooked and some reviews of how they turned out.


About Kristen K

My life has always been pretty darn fantastic--except for one thing: my weight. Not too long ago, I tipped the scale at 283 pounds. I'd gain some, lose some and gain some right back, and I was so frustrated. When I saw a notice for a Biggest Loser-style contest in my local paper, I applied on the spot and I felt like I won the lottery when I found out I was one of the five contestants chosen. We worked out four times a week with trainers and followed a clean eating diet, and my life completely transformed. I've lost more than 60 pounds and I'm feeling confidence for the first time in my life. I'm 29 years old with a great husband, a rewarding job, two adorable dogs and fantastic friends. Weight loss continues to be a struggle now that the contest has ended, but this time I know that I can do it and I'm fully committed. This blog has seved as an accountability tool as I journey from a happy, but fat, person to a happy and confident person. And for the first time in my life, I'm no longer putting it off until tomorrow. This time, I'm starting this minute.
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4 Responses to Eating out: bigger pants, smaller savings, bad idea

  1. Beth says:

    I don’t use the cheese (but if you want you could probably half it), and I also use whole wheat or brown rice noodles to make it a touch healthier. Otherwise, super delicious, quick, and perfect for summer!

  2. caitlin0210 says:

    That’s my problem too – I could order healthier stuff but I get too excited about the menu and order bad stuff. And just eat too big a portion. At home, I like grilling chicken breasts and topping them with bruschetta topping – chopped tomatoes, onions, fresh basil, olive oil. You could even add some Parmesan or mozzarella. I also like making artichoke dip (chopped canned artichokes, mayo, garlic powder, dash of hot sauce, parmesan) and stuffing chicken breasts with it. You could even then wrap the chicken in parma ham.

  3. Nota says:

    I’ve been going to – her chicken enchiladas are AMAZING!! I have also fallen in love with her Shrimp & Avocado Salad – we put it into wraps or on Triscuits.

    Recently I marinated some really big portabella mushroom caps in balsamic vinegar, with a little pepper & Mrs. Dash – topped with a piece of cheese, tomato – put it in the toaster oven on broil for about 8 minutes – garnished with some shredded basil and a side salad. YUM! And I used balsamic vinegraitte (can anyone spell that word?) on the salad.

  4. OK, totally old post, but had to chime in. OF COURSE YOU SHOULD USE YOUR CROCKPOT IN THE SUMMER! It keeps the rest of the kitchen, and house, cooler. 🙂 But I’m loving the ideas in the comments above. 🙂 Yumm!!!!!

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