A little reunion

Today is Saturday, the day on which I usually sleep until about 8:30 or 9–three glorious hours later than my weekday wake-up time. But today, my alarm blared brutally at 5 a.m. and, despite my exhaustion, I bounced out of bed. I had something big to look forward to–a reunion boot camp class with former and current Fittest Loser contestants! I’ve missed everyone so much, and REALLY missed the luxury of working with the amazing Push trainers. Here’s my trainer and me on the finale day almost a year ago:

(Source:  Push Fitness Schaumburg Facebook page)

Let’s be honest, though. Despite my excitement, I was also terrified to go. I haven’t seen any of last year’s contestants or trainers in months, and I was afraid my weight gain would be very noticeable and very shameful. I shouldn’t have worried–everyone was so supportive and it felt 100% amazing to be back.

The focus of today’s class was boxing–my absolute favorite. My partner was the trainer, meaning I never got to switch from gloves to pads–I was punching and kicking and knee-up-ing the whole entire time. My body aches everywhere–and I LOVE it!

I’ve talked a blue streak about CrossFit lately, and I really, really like it. But my heart will always be with Push Fitness because they are the ones who saved me when I really needed it. It was so good to see my Push family again and to get some much-needed confidence back through a great workout. I may run at a snail’s pace, but I pack a mean punch!

If you haven’t tried boxing before, I highly recommend giving it a try. You can pick up gloves and pads for about $35 (try Amazon, Dick’s or Sports Authority) and the workout is absolutely worth it! All that pent-up frustration, stress and craziness just flies out the window, leaving behind a major sense of pride and peace. Today we did:

–Jabs for five minutes (then you take the pads and your partner will punch)

–Knee-ups and upper-cuts for five minutes (knee, knee, punch punch–partner holds the pads horizontal for the knees, vertical for the uppercuts)

–Sit-ups with four punches each time you come up (three minutes)

–Front kicks (continuously kick the pads, alternating legs–three minutes)

–Two punches and then squat low as your partner circles the pad above your head (three minutes)

Check YouTube for examples of good form/height/speed/etc.!

I did all of that twice, so I am just a tiny bit achy at the moment. As in, I started washing dishes, but it hurt too much to lift the bowl.

If no pain=no gain, I’m hoping a whole lotta pain=a whole lotta gain. Or, in this case, a really big loss!



About Kristen K

My life has always been pretty darn fantastic--except for one thing: my weight. Not too long ago, I tipped the scale at 283 pounds. I'd gain some, lose some and gain some right back, and I was so frustrated. When I saw a notice for a Biggest Loser-style contest in my local paper, I applied on the spot and I felt like I won the lottery when I found out I was one of the five contestants chosen. We worked out four times a week with trainers and followed a clean eating diet, and my life completely transformed. I've lost more than 60 pounds and I'm feeling confidence for the first time in my life. I'm 29 years old with a great husband, a rewarding job, two adorable dogs and fantastic friends. Weight loss continues to be a struggle now that the contest has ended, but this time I know that I can do it and I'm fully committed. This blog has seved as an accountability tool as I journey from a happy, but fat, person to a happy and confident person. And for the first time in my life, I'm no longer putting it off until tomorrow. This time, I'm starting this minute.
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