Why I Suck(ed?) at Being Healthy

My friend just shared a great blog post by Nerd Fitness, titled “Why People Suck at Getting Healthy.” Essentially, the reasons are saying you “should” do something rather than actually doing it, giving yourself too much wiggle room in what you eat (one piece of candy quickly becomes a dozen) and failing to build in systems to keep yourself accountable.

I identified with all of these.

Seriously, how many times have I said I “should” do something in these blog posts? A zillion, give or take one or two? And almost as bad, how about I “will” do this. Forget that. Time to start now and change that verb tense to show that I AM doing this.

I also totally identify with the “give me an inch, and I’ll take a mile” mindset when it comes to food. The biggest weight loss I ever had, by far, was when I was on the Fittest Loser program and there were clear lists of can have and can’t have foods. It wasn’t FUN, but man was it effective. So why am I not doing that now?

One thing I AM doing is building in systems so I can’t give up. At CrossFit, we can pre-sign up for classes (we don’t have to). If we DO sign up and then don’t show twice, we owe $30. I’m paying enough already that there is no way in tarnation I am handing over another $30. Signing up has proven to be 100% effective for me so far.

Speaking of CrossFit, it’s been an interesting experience. I swing between feeling super ashamed (like when I can’t even remotely do a wall climb, when everyone else in the class can) and SUPER proud that this big girl is working out alongside the super fit. I’m trying really hard to focus on the latter.

In summary, I continue to suck at getting healthy. But I’m sucking less each and every day.



About Kristen K

My life has always been pretty darn fantastic--except for one thing: my weight. Not too long ago, I tipped the scale at 283 pounds. I'd gain some, lose some and gain some right back, and I was so frustrated. When I saw a notice for a Biggest Loser-style contest in my local paper, I applied on the spot and I felt like I won the lottery when I found out I was one of the five contestants chosen. We worked out four times a week with trainers and followed a clean eating diet, and my life completely transformed. I've lost more than 60 pounds and I'm feeling confidence for the first time in my life. I'm 29 years old with a great husband, a rewarding job, two adorable dogs and fantastic friends. Weight loss continues to be a struggle now that the contest has ended, but this time I know that I can do it and I'm fully committed. This blog has seved as an accountability tool as I journey from a happy, but fat, person to a happy and confident person. And for the first time in my life, I'm no longer putting it off until tomorrow. This time, I'm starting this minute.
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