The power of compliments

It’s day five of my 30-day commitment to recording the happiest moment of the day (see original post here), and I’m discovering that I’m either incredibly vain or have very low self-esteem—because my happiest moment every single day except for one was when I received a compliment.

Day 1’s happiest moment is outlined in the entry I linked to above.

Day 2 was walking my dogs in the beautiful weather after WEEKS of oppressive, muggy, boiling heat.

Day 3 was when my coworker said I looked good in a dress I was wearing (I feel so self-conscious when I wear dresses and skirts!).

Day 4 was when a reporter for a major media outlet called me incredible. (All I had to do to earn that adjective was get him an interview by his deadline. He is now my favorite media contact.)

Day 5 (today) was when I met with the hospice coordinator to inquire about volunteering and she told me that my orientation time would be cut in half because she could tell I was a good person and had a natural instinct for it.

Aside from revealing that I am apparently self-absorbed, this has made me realize how easy it is to brighten someone’s day with a compliment. I often think, “Wow, I love her shirt!” or “She looks so nice today!” and I don’t come out and say it. So today I made a point to tell my coworker when I noticed she was looking really fit and I told the hospice coordinator that I loved her dress. I am not going to assign myself a silly rule like “I must compliment three people per day” because I want it to be spontaneous and genuine. But I *think* compliments at least three times per day, so it should be fairly easy to say them out loud.

Overall, this 30 Days of Happiness challenge has made my really grateful. While I listed just one thing for each day above, most days I’ve had a lot of great moments. Today, for example, the computers were being worked on when I got to work, so my coworker and I chatted for a bit. As we talked, I was reminded of how lucky I am to work with people I genuinely really like. It happened again when I had lunch with another coworker. Enjoying the people you work with each day makes all the difference in the world. I also stopped longer than usual to appreciate the gorgeous sunset tonight. Because of this challenge, I am consciously appreciating tings more each day.

Something else I am happy about:  I’ve decided to launch a new blog (likely next month). I will likely keep this one too, but the new one will provide more resources for those aiming to get healthier–tips, success stories, interviews with trainers, reviews of workout DVDs and weight loss books, etc. It will also be MUCH more organized, because I’ll take the time to set up categories, links to great resources, a calendar to some local health events, etc. The real motivation behind this is to get myself increasingly focused on activities that will improve my health and restart my weight loss. And hopefully I will help others in the process!

And one more thing to be happy about:  I’m hosting my first blog giveaway (co-hosting it, to be technically correct, with Betsie at Super Suburbs)! More details to come soon.




About Kristen K

My life has always been pretty darn fantastic--except for one thing: my weight. Not too long ago, I tipped the scale at 283 pounds. I'd gain some, lose some and gain some right back, and I was so frustrated. When I saw a notice for a Biggest Loser-style contest in my local paper, I applied on the spot and I felt like I won the lottery when I found out I was one of the five contestants chosen. We worked out four times a week with trainers and followed a clean eating diet, and my life completely transformed. I've lost more than 60 pounds and I'm feeling confidence for the first time in my life. I'm 29 years old with a great husband, a rewarding job, two adorable dogs and fantastic friends. Weight loss continues to be a struggle now that the contest has ended, but this time I know that I can do it and I'm fully committed. This blog has seved as an accountability tool as I journey from a happy, but fat, person to a happy and confident person. And for the first time in my life, I'm no longer putting it off until tomorrow. This time, I'm starting this minute.
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