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Picture perfect

I have a few events coming up that you’d think would spur me into action on this whole weight loss thing. Next weekend is my 15-year grade school reunion, and I’ll be seeing 10-12 of the 23 kids I graduated … Continue reading

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Week 3, and the power of choice

Well, week 3 was sort of a bust. My scale broke, so I have no idea what my results were. If I were to hazard a guess, I think I stayed about the same. I have a new scale now, … Continue reading

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Weigh-in #2

Eek, it’s been a whole week since I’ve posted! It’s started to get a lot darker a lot faster this week, and it’s definitely taking a toll on my energy level. The insane construction (THREE lane closures) on the way … Continue reading

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Weigh-in #1

The first results are in! I am down 3.2 pounds this week, for a new weight of 227.8. Melissa is kicking butt and taking names with a loss of more than seven pounds! Total percentages after week 1 are as … Continue reading

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Lose to Win: The first week

We’re six days into our friendly contest–our first weigh-in is tomorrow!–and my week has been a mixed bag. I was on vacation for the first few days, seeing the gorgeous fall foliage in northern Wisconsin, so eating well was quite … Continue reading

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